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The Why

MAMA2MAMA, LLC (M2M) was birthed as a response to the chronic, institutionalized misrepresentation, under-representation, and lack of support for Black mothers in K-12 schools. This platform centers the experiences of Black Womxn who identify as Mothers, Othermothers, and Caregivers in advocating for the equitable education of their children. M2M recognizes that mothering is not unique to or all-encompassing of Black Womxn's experiences; however, it is also understood that based on the intersectionality of our racial and gendered identities, we do share unique perspectives that are often silenced in institutional spaces. 

the mission

The mission of M2M is to curate a platform that centers the experiences of and resources for black mothers, other-mothers, and caregivers advocating for children in schools and beyond.

THe vision

In centralizing the voices of Black Womxn, M2M seeks to foster opportunities and spaces that yield:

  • Meaningful collaborations,

  • Tribe Building,

  • Connections to relevant resources