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If your child is in need of additional support, check out these TOC (Tutors of Color) from the St. Louis Metropolitan Area!

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Purpose Driven Academy

We are a home-based learning academy for children K-12. We believe every child has a God given purpose, and it’s our commitment to help them see what that is through the foundation of God’s word.

Our Mission: We strive to not only educate, but to structure, discipline, instill morals, and values along with building character through the love of God.

Primary Curriculum: We utilize Christian Light Publications as our primary program of study. It provides a Christian education for children and youth, from grades k-12. Christian Light Publications produces academically and morally sound materials that adhere to Biblical fundamentals.

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Jacquelyn Randle

Hello, my name is Jacquelyn Randle but my sTudents either call me Ms. Randle or Ms.J. I have been in the education field going on 15 years and offer tutoring and mentoring services to youth in grades k-12,as well as test prep (SAT, ACT, ASVAB). I also offer home school consultations and training to parents.

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Avery Banks Tutoring

$10 for the first hour

$5 for each additional area

Specializes in reading fluency, reading comprehension, fractions, decimals, +, -, x, /, and other topics on request

Flexible meeting locations

Tutoring Grades K-6

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Tara’s Tutoring Services

Tutoring for the following subjects: Math/Algebra, General Science, Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy Tech Certification Prep and courses, Writing, English, and Reading. Research Paper Assistance, Guidance in organizing Research Papers, Proofreading, Corrections, PowerPoint Presentation Structure, and other school projects. Click HERE to view Tara’s website.


The M.A.D. Mentor Program

Miss Kimberlee provides individualized mentoring services to address student needs. This usually includes social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Additionally, where applicable tutoring is available, but in the context of assisting with techniques and strategies as well as contextually. Adults are also offered services under adult management/parental support depending on their needs and goals. Click HERE to visit the M.A.D. Mentor Website.


Passion for Learning Program

Founded in 2018 by Nieshia Miller, PFLP offers one-on- one tutoring that is beneficial for youth of all ages that need additional assistance outside the classroom.

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Strength and Honor Mentoring and Tutoring

Believing that education is the most important ingredient for Ferguson’s youth to rise above the challenges many of them face in their home and community environments, SAH offers individual tutoring services to ensure children work one-on-one with a skilled adult mentor to better themselves in their areas of difficulty. Furthermore, SAH offers mentoring services for boys to help them actualize the best selves as strong, confident, honorable adults. Finally, SAH Summer Camp for boys and girls (in partnership with the City of Ferguson) brings the youth of Ferguson together to engage in community service projects together each week alongside fun team-building leisure and camping retreats, STEM-based activities, weekly field trips, and intense mentoring sessions. While many of Ferguson’s most underprivileged youth struggle most during the summer months without the services public school offers them, SAH provides a bridge of support to them and their families to help them grow intellectually and emotionally. Click HERE to explore the website.

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If you are a parent or guardian located in the St. Louis Metropolitan area who’s experienced the death of a child, we welcome you to join Blessed are the Bereaved for an 8-week long Adult Support Group, specifically designed to provide you with trained companions along your grief journey. Click HERE to learn more.