milestone babies

By Robert L. Davis, III & Courtnae A. Smith

Series 1: Experience the joy of welcoming your baby to the world all over again as Baby’s First Day rhymes its way into your heart. This book, which tells the story of the day baby Seven was born, is a great tool for you to use when reading to your newborn and sharing your heartwarming feelings. 

Series 2: Join baby Seven as he turns one month old and makes some adorable new discoveries. As you read this book to your little one, your baby and baby Seven will grow and develop together! This fun rhyming book chronicles Seven’s interests and the mastery of his developmental milestones. This book is a great tool for parents who want to bond with their babies and help them reach new levels of development.


abc affirmations about me

By jessica k. carter

From their head to their toes, beautiful Black and Brown children deserve to know just how amazing they are! Join "Tribe X Presents: ABC Affirmations About Me," as Wiz, Juju, Peanut, Dalilah, and Kam of Tribe X! explores the extraordinary depths of their truest authentic selves, from A to Z! As the leading book in a series of character-building adventures, "Tribe X Presents: ABC About Me" outlines each letter of the alphabet with positive affirmations in a rhythmic style to help young children engage and retain words that are stepping stones to positive self-identity measures. As an instructive tool for caregivers and educators, each letter not only adds to children’s vocabulary bank, but also shows them how to transform the words into behaviors and character traits through vibrant illustrations by D. Artistic Touch. Further elaboration of each letter leaves endless possibilities for circle time discussions, weekly themes, and more! ABC Affirmations About Me is sure to leave everyone excited to showcase their best selves and speak positivity into their daily routines!


i am a confident king

by jasmine furr

I am a Confident King gives young boys the confidence to be great. King's parents give him the following affirmations: I am smart, I am brave, I am happy, I am great! There are 3 features in this book. You'll see him live out these words in the story . Then, there is a personal guide page where a child can list more positive words. Finally, there are coloring pages where a child can also trace out the affirmations. Let's reclaim the narrative of our children to include positive identifying words. No more "bad kids"; We raise Kings and Queens!


i love me some me!

by ashley burkett, m.ed

Makenna is excited and ready to begin what is supposed to be the best school year ever, but that all changes when she begins to get bullied by Natasha, the class bully. With the help of her favorite Aunt Ashley, Makenna learns that no matter what anybody says or does to her, she has to love herself more than their words or actions hurt her. Makenna begins to use the phrase “I love me some me” to help her overlook Natasha’s negative comments and teasing. She soon learns that using her quick wit and love for self not only stops Natasha from bullying but also empowers others to stand up to bullying. “I Love Me Some Me” will empower all victims of teasing and bullying to stand up for themselves by using positive words instead of remaining voiceless victims.


the joyful black child book series: My words are superpowers

By Porsha Hargrove

Through the wisdom and knowledge from their mother and father, the super duo will become more disciplined with their tongue and learn how to speak and think in a way that will exude life, love, and hope to others.

The Joyful Black Child Book Series is one that aims to AFFIRM and EMPOWER children of color, by promoting positive self-acceptance, self-worth, confidence, authenticity and being unapologetically black by loving the skin God gave them.

This series will help reshape the youth’s mind away from, negative stereotypes, exploitation and limited beliefs that are perpetuated by society. Readers are left feeling confident, valued and worthy!


not all superheroes wear capes

by alecia r. heffner

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes is a children’s book designed to teach African American students the opportunities available to them in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers. This inspiring book combines positive images of African Americans engaging in exciting careers with a powerful message of how these individuals help others in their daily life.


good touch day

By Sandra A. Roberts

During a classroom discussion about touch, Frederick repeats something he hears his parents say, "If everyone received the power of touch, the world would be a much better place!" These words spark a turn of events that show how something bad can also be good. Good Touch Day weaves a story of safe touch and massage therapy. It is a resource for teaching all ages the value of good touch and the power of using healing hands to make a difference in the world. There is currently no other book on the market that introduces children to a health career in massage therapy.


lil’ irene loves big earrings

By Sandra A. Roberts

Lil' Irene is a quiet girl. She uses her big, beautiful earrings to speak for her with their bright colors and bold statements. She never leaves the house without them. She needs them. At least, she thinks she does...


the king in me

By Cory Lampkin

The King In Me follows the adventures of an African American boy named Carter! He tackles situations such as hygiene, cleanliness, and healthy eating! This is an 2nd Grade Reading Level affirmation based book that encourages boys to see the king in themselves. This is the perfect book to increase confidence in a young boy’s life!


Come with me to the place to be

by sandra A. roberts

Where is your favorite place to be or visit? What makes it special? Come inside and discover what makes this the place to be for each of these students. It just might be one of your special places too! Come With Me to the Place to Be is a rhyming children's story that walks readers on a tour of diversity, freedom, expression, activities, resources and services found in a very special place.


clean up bee bee

by pancho rucker

Bee Bee and Pinky have made a BIG mess! Help them clean up by counting how many things are on the floor. This book is a labor of love for Pancho's daughter and the 1st of more books from the Bee Bee and Pinky book series. This one focuses on colors and counting.


i am: king’s edition

by nyshaun harvey

This book is filled with affirmations for boys! Life and death are in the power of the tongue, so let’s speak life! There is empowerment on every page. Through this book boys will gain a greater self-esteem. See you inside!


100 tools for girls

by estitia stone

100 Tools for Girls provides girls with tools for their mind. Empowering girls to stay aligned Mentally, Physically, and Financially; on their journey towards Success, Health, and Leadership.

visit author stone’s website.


12 stones: tools for a young woman’s journey

by estitia stone

Twelve Stones, Tools for A Young Woman's Journey is a self-help, motivational, journal book for older girls and young women.

This book provides twelve tools to help older girls and young women overcome obstacles, fight against the odds, and jump over every hurdle with class and confidence.

Visit Author Stone’s Website.


i am: queen’s edition

By NyShaun Harvey

The goal of this children's book, "I Am," is to instill self-worth in young girls! In a world, today it's so hard for girls to find their identity. The bible says, ‘train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not flee.’
Starting our girls young will lower the chance of them having self-doubt and self-esteem issues. When they know who they are, no one can tell them otherwise. So, let's start them young! This book is filled with affirmations to empower and train up our little girls!



By Miriam Muhammad

ABC I Love Me takes black children along for a journey of self love, confidence, and adventure while teaching young learners positive affirmations for each letter of the alphabet. This book encourages children to accept their unique qualities, and promotes positive self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle.


Beautiful Boy

by J.L. Hunt

"Mischief, giggles, fun & love...that's what little boys are made of"... 

Beautiful Boy, is a poetic, motivational children's book, in which each page presents a fun, whimsical atmosphere that celebrates the wonder every boy brings to the world!


beautiful girl

By J.L. Hunt

"Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful"...

Beautiful Girl, is an insightful reminder of how unique every girl truly is! Written with a poetic flair, it radiates its own special blend of motivational charm to celebrate each girl's individuality & brilliance in a cutesy, compelling way. Girls Rock! 


My brown skin

by pamela hornsby-irvin

My Brown Skin, takes aim at an incident that happens much to often in a world where diversity should be embraced. We all are beautifully and uniquely created. No one is a mistake. 

This book is about a little African American girl who was told by her classmate from another culture that she hated her brown skin.


these are my eyes, this is my nose, this is my vulva, these are my toes

by Lexx Brown-James

These are My Eyes, This is My Nose, This is My Vulva, These are My Toes is a book to help children of all genders and their caregivers normalize body parts. Different parts of the body are covered in fun images representing children from all sorts of lifestyles and backgrounds. The fun doesn't stop there! This inclusive book has children with all sorts of body shapes and abilities to show we all have bodies and can have fun together! This text also includes gender diversity, pronoun usage, and even a little about body changes at puberty in non scary ways! Read along in a fun little rhyme, enjoy the captivating illustrations, and have fun using this text as a springboard for more conversation!


Heavenly Hair Ever After

By Chauna Payne

Celeste is a fairy princess whose hair has never grown. She struggles with understanding why she has no hair and the other children do. What Celeste finds out is that her grandmothers gave her a very special gift that helps others.  She has a daily affirmation for children that will hopefully instill confidence and encourage them to still feel their best without hair.


cannon’s crash course

By Mon Trice

Cannon is eager to ride his new bike, but there’s just one problem. He doesn’t know how.  Impatient for help, Cannon decides to teach himself.  When one misstep followed by another leads to disaster, Cannon feels defeated.  Surprisingly, he finds the encouragement he needs from the most  unlikely person.  

 This adventure in verse is sure to delight!

Savannah’s savings jar

By Chelsea Addison

Ten-year-old Savannah is given the nickname Saving Savannah by her friend, but it wasn't always this way. She was assigned a project to start a business for class. Her teacher encourages the class and reminds them, .."..All of you can become entrepreneurs." She meets this opportunity with determination to create a successful business and reach a financial goal. Savannah uses the funds from a grant her teacher was awarded to start her business. She names her business ... Terrific Slimerrific!

Savannah's business is off to a great start, until she runs into a conflict. She and her best friend, Spending Spencer, go to the mall and do not spend the money wisely. After not taking heed of the advice her father gives to save her money BEFORE spending, Savannah discovers she doesn't have enough money to cover the cost of her expenses. Savannah is devastated by her realization. She has to figure out how to get enough money to continue Terrific Slimerrific. SHE LOVES MAKING HER OWN MONEY and is set on continuing to sell slime.

When Savannah is faced with this challenge, she reflects on the careless actions that led her to this point. She asks for advice and starts working with a new student to make up for her missteps. It isn't until she sacrifices some of her personal funds and changes her habits that she can recover. She doesn't check her budget and expense list, doesn't save her money, and spends the money she earned carelessly! She will always save her money from now on.